Saturday, 1 August 2009

Come Back Toby!!

I shouldn't be writing this now. I should be doing housework. Bleh. But who wants to stick to a routine when they're officially ON HOLIDAY!!! Yay! I'm off for the next week! It's going to be a staycation but hopefully it will allow me to meet for lots of coffees with friends and have extra crafting time. Fingers crossed, anyway.
Bit of a stressy time for my work friend K just now. One of her cats went missing on Wednesday and of course she's been worried sick. He's only a year old and a real cutie :o( Last night K, T and I went out in the rain to put leaflets through doors in the surrounding area, hoping that someone, somewhere, would have seen him. And someone had! So K raced to the area late last night and actually spotted him herself! Only problem is, he won't come to her, which is very frustrating. She will have been out since the crack of dawn this morning, trying to entice him back. These cats! They cause us so much angst! My cats are kept indoors for the very reason that I dread them disappearing :o(

In card news, I made this one for my wee niece who is recovering from an operation:

A nice personage kindly gave me a whole load of stamped Penny Black images from their vast collection (I still owe them a bottle of wine in return!) so, although this isn't really my style, I gave it a go and was quite pleased with the result.

In a blatant copying of someone else's work (sorry, J!), I made these cards from bits and bobs left over from a class:

The pp's are, I think, from the Papermania Signature Regency Hill collection and the shapes are cut from the Cricut Accent Essentials cartridge. I love the style of these, so this is a homage to J!

Finally, I had a thrillation this week when Skechers had a halfprice sale for centre staff. K and I went racing up there instantaneously and I picked out these babies:

I haven't worn them in yet, but I have looked at them a lot. Corrie, meanwhile, has been trying to squeeze herself, unsuccessfully, into the box:

Corrie writes: "Bah!"

Now I really must get on with the boring cleaning stuff and then, hopefully, my holiday can begin!

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