Wednesday, 30 June 2010

June Loons - The Triumph!

Well, I'm pleased to say I have achieved a personal goal, which was to meet the June Loons challenge on Folksy head-on and not miss a single day of listing - I did it!!! Woooo!!!! As well as gaining me some shop views and sales, it also introduced me to some of the lovely fellow Folksters and their gorgeous wares. And although I can't commit to joining the July Jesters, I'll certainly be stopping by to check out their listings and perhaps feature some faves on here!
I thought I'd show one or two of my fave items from this last day, so here goes:
Natalie's amazing fossil:

Mushy...Makes' funky heart brooch:

SpottyNStripy's fun birthday card:

Blue Forest Jewellery's gorgeous necklace:

and Lonely Hearts' pretty floral bag:

One of these days I'll work out how to do a proper treasury and then I can feature even more!

Off to join fellow Loons at a BBQ over on the forum now. I'm bringing bean burgers!

I Love Stickers!

Another use of stickers, this time for the 2Sketches4U challenge:

Here's the sketch:

The little letters are stickers too. Paper is by Me and My Big Ideas. Scalloped square punch by Stampin'Up. I think it's quite bright and cheery!

Those Stickers Again!

Yes, indeedy, those little stickers are getting everywhere now! This time they're featuring on my entry for CPS #173, and as our schools prepare to finish up for the summer, I thought this fishy card was just the ticket:

This was the sketch; I turned it on it's side:

The papers I have used are by Cosmo Cricket.

Do you think it fits the sketch ok?

Monday, 28 June 2010

Golf Champ Extraordinaire!

Day off work today and so far a very pleasant one. Met up with Himself earlier to congratulate him on his golf championship win yesterday; he's rightly quite chuffed and so am I! We took a walk along the canal from Ratho to the International Climbing Centre - but we didn't join the madmen scaling the cliff walls, oh no, we just watched them from the ground-levelness of the cafe'!

A couple more cards using the 9-square template design:

I've got three more to go so I'd better get on with them now!

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Lazy So-and-So!

I've had a verrrryyyy lazy Sunday so far, I'm afraid to say; didn't ascend from my pit until 11am (unheard of for me these days!) and have generally been blobbing around uselessly since then. Himself is playing in his golf club's championship final today (go H!! You can do it!!!) so I am glued to my PC, checking the score every two seconds! Hopefully there will be good news on that front later!!

Yest, CraftyNess and I went to a local craft fair and spent a good while browsing the lovely wares on offer and chatting to the friendly stallholders. We smothered ourselves in samples at the soap/body butter stall and ended up smelling like fuit bowls! I just had to buy some look-good-enough-to-eat pamper products:

These smellies are Lemongrass and TeaTree body butter (good for keeping midgies at bay, apparently!), rhubarb and custard soap, sweet cinnamon soap and coconut ice soap. Yummy!

As CN and I are planning to eventually do craft fairs ourselves, we found it all very inspirational (and the delish lunch at a nearby cafe helped too!)

On Friday night, Cardmaking at Kim's proved, as usual, to involve much hilarity and minimal cardmaking. I forgot to take with me the main focus of my planned project (doh!) - these millions of gel stickers which I bought from MeiFlower yonks ago:

I have never had a clue what to do with them, but, thanks to this inspirational lady I now know! So I set about punching out trillions of scalloped squares:

And this afternoon I have made the first of the cards:

Quite a departure from my usual style but I do need to use up those stickers and I think they'll make cute additions to my card box!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Dimensional Delights!

Good Evening All; just stopping in quickly to show you my acrylic stepper cards that I mentioned yesterday. They're being made in my Dimensional Delights class next month and I'm quite pleased with them (thanks, Kim, for the idea!):

Sorry about the tiny pic - I was trying to squeeze them all in!

Side view:

Cute eh? They don't exactly fold flat so a specially-made gift box will be in order to hold them and their envelopes, but they would make a pretty gift.

Talking of pretty, here are my fave two items from the June Loons today:

Natalie's knitted and crocheted bag:

And these cute earrings from JewelleryAngel:

Very nice! Well, that's it from me tonight, toodle-ooo!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

CPS #172

I've decided to enter the CPS#172 sketch challenge this week and have killed two birds with one stone (horrible saying!) by using my June Loons listing for today:

As you can see, a very sunny day here and somewhat muggy now. My feet, for once, do not need to be surgically attached to my HWB! I used paper ribbon on this card; it really is nice to work with. And I highlighted the dancer's dress with clear stardust pen, although you can't tell from the photo.

Tomorrow I'll be back to show you some pretty cards I made for my upcoming Dimensional Delights class, which make use of acrylic sheets and dimensional (hence the name) stickers.

Now I must disappear into the night like a dark phantom (well, I'm off to take my veggie burger out of the oven and stick my feet in a bowl of cold water, actually, but that sounds much less dramatic!).


Monday, 21 June 2010

Pretties Galore!

Another sunny day in Mushroomville and I've spent it productively cleaning my abode, sorting my admin and crafting. Cheated a bit by tarting up some die cuts for this commissioned card requiring two black cats:

I've not quite worked out how to put my own cat design onto black card yet but this has given me some ideas...

I'm really, really enjoying being a part of the June Loons Challenge. They're a lovely bunch of people and some gorgeous items are being produced on a daily basis. I've never featured anyone else's work on my blog before but these two pretties caught my eye today:

This lovely ring by MaryElliottJewellery:

and this gorge lavender heart brooch by polkadotsandposies.

That's all for now!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Outdoor Pursuits

Well hellooo and isn't the weather gor-jus today?! I have spent much of it in the great outdoorsness and I have to say, it's been good, although I forgot to put on sun cream for the first part of it - whoops! Treated my Daddio to breakfast on the verandah at Craigie's this morning and we stuffed our faces mightily. Then it was off to see the other man in my life and to accompany him on a round of golf (says him, "I know how to treat a lady!"), which, in the glorious weather, was actually a delight. I think I may take up the sport. After all, I did (whisper)beat him at putting a few weeks ago! This afternoon we walked in the Pentlands near Bonaly and sat atop a mound, surveying the view of our birth city. All very nice.

There was a moment when I doubted that I would achieve today's June Loons listing but my dedication to the challenge would not allow that to happen! My card for today is thus:

I very much expect the boy version of this card to appear tomorrow!

Hope you're all having a great evening and much enviousness to those of you who may be sipping a cold glass of Chardonnay on your decking. I hope to be in that position soon!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

A New Challenge!

I thought I'd try a new challenge this week so I opted for the current 2 Sketches 4 You challenge. I needed to make a get well card anyway so the sketch fitted the bill:

I seem to be using that paper by My Minds' Eye on everything at the moment but I just love it!

And here's my froggy card for Folksy today:

Does he look like the one in your pond, Mum?!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Bee Happy!

Gosh it's all go around here but I haven't reached stress-out point - yet!! A day off work has meant catching up with housework (boo!), some house-buying stuff (eek!) and a meet-up with another of Himself's cousins (has he got the biggest family in the world, or do I just have a very small one?!), her hubby and their Very Cute Toddler at the inn in Ratho with pretty views over the canal. All very pleasant and, yes, I did feel a bit broody over the VCT too! (even though he had done a spectacularly apocalyptic nappy mess when they first arrived and had to be taken away to be de-contaminated!)

Halfway through the June Loons month and I'm pleased to say that so far I have achieved a listing a day. My shop is looking very full and colourful now! Several of my fellow Loons have featured me on their blogs, a fave card seeming to be the Happy Bee (which, I have to admit, in a "modest" fashion, is my fave too!):

I love bees. They're so busy and, er, happy (?) Dad rescued a tired one from the fate of under-foot-squashedness today and it reminded me of my card. My Mum was very excited later, as she discovered a frog living in her garden pond, so I think a frog might just feature on my next card...

Must go - a glass of pear cider and a Wispa bar await me in a bubble bath! Yay!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

On The Move

Hi Folks

Apologies for the lack of blog action around here lately. I have been superbusy but I'm still crafting when I can. The main thing taking up my time at the mo is househunting and planning for a move in the not-too-distant future. I am bracing myself for a potentially stressy few months ahead but I am sure I will still be making cards throughout!

After typing this entry I'm off to check out all the blogs I follow (really must update my list in the sidebar as there are so many more now!) and catch up with what everyone's been up to. The June Loons Project is going well and I've met some great crafters on Folksy. I plan to start featuring some of their work on my blog just as soon as I get myself organised!

A couple of days ago it was the anniversary of Himself and I and we went for a very tasty tapas meal in Edinburgh. Apart from a mix-up with his calamari, much deliciousness was enjoyed and there were enough veggie options to keep me happy. Inspired by the card I made H for the occasion, today's Loons Listing was thus:

I'm not showing you the actual one I made him - it's personal! (ooerr, missus!)

OK, time is ticking on and I have networking to do. Off now to catch up with fellow crafters!

See you soon!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Big Bother!

Yes, I know, I really should be watching Big Brother, but there's too much on my to-do list! Anyway, that's what Sky + is for! I always vow not to get involved with that series but at some point or other I succumb; and it is the last one after all.....My evenings may end up being crafting-free from now on!!

My card for CPS #170 this week:

It took me a wee while to put this one together, I didn't want too many clashy patterns!
But I think these papers work ok.

It's not really the weather for ice cream at the moment is it?? Brrr!!!

OK, I know this has been a quick visit. But once again, time is getting on. And the lure of BB is too great....

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Rainy Days...

Yup, I'm back to needing a hot water bottle for my feet again, sigh. It's June for pities sake! I'm beginning to wonder if I have a medical condition that causes my extremities to be 100 degrees colder than the rest of my body because this HWB is becoming like an appendage to me! I soon won't be able to go anywhere without it!

Anyway, in homage to the fact that it's been dreary and grey around here today, my Folksy listing is thus:

I'd love to tell you about my weekend but in honesty I'm just too tired tonight. To sum up quickly, it involved: the watching of bunnies frolicking on a woodland walk, tapas, Sex and the City 2 and a Mushroom Korma. In that order.

Supposed to be crafting now but I need my bed!

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Frantic Creatings!

Ooh I've literally been working like a Loon this morning to get my listing done and also to complete a card with which to enter two challenges.

DCM's A String Of Pearls


CPS #169 (hope I'm not too late for this one!)

I'm quite liking the vintage look just now! Thanks to Gill at work for lending her Woodware punches! The stamps are by Stampin'Up and the papers are a mixture of Papermania, My Minds'Eye and Cosmo Cricket!

Friday, 4 June 2010

A Little (aherm!) Horse

Hi Folks, I'm running a bit late tonight and am thinking longingly of my pjamas and a stint of telly-watching accompanied by a big slice of cherry cake, so just a quick entry from me today.

Today's listing for June Loons involved yet another horrendous pun:

I know, I know! I just can't help myself!

And as for the contents of my Hawthorn and Bramble wallet:

It's a laminated bookmark! (Pity about the bad photo!) Night night!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Up With The Larks!

Well, not quite, but I thought I'd make an early start and get my item for Day 3 of the June Loons listed on Folksy:

It's a set of four of these Little Birdhouse Notecards. The house is hand drawn and the bird is a Craftwork Cards stamp. Check out my Folksy shop to view my other listings!

Later today I plan to do more work on my Hawthorn and Bramble class. The latest project I have lined up comes in this little wallet:

Stop by tomorrow to find out what it contains! (and please excuse the glimpse of my filthy window - I have cleaned it now - honest!)