Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Bee Happy!

Gosh it's all go around here but I haven't reached stress-out point - yet!! A day off work has meant catching up with housework (boo!), some house-buying stuff (eek!) and a meet-up with another of Himself's cousins (has he got the biggest family in the world, or do I just have a very small one?!), her hubby and their Very Cute Toddler at the inn in Ratho with pretty views over the canal. All very pleasant and, yes, I did feel a bit broody over the VCT too! (even though he had done a spectacularly apocalyptic nappy mess when they first arrived and had to be taken away to be de-contaminated!)

Halfway through the June Loons month and I'm pleased to say that so far I have achieved a listing a day. My shop is looking very full and colourful now! Several of my fellow Loons have featured me on their blogs, a fave card seeming to be the Happy Bee (which, I have to admit, in a "modest" fashion, is my fave too!):

I love bees. They're so busy and, er, happy (?) Dad rescued a tired one from the fate of under-foot-squashedness today and it reminded me of my card. My Mum was very excited later, as she discovered a frog living in her garden pond, so I think a frog might just feature on my next card...

Must go - a glass of pear cider and a Wispa bar await me in a bubble bath! Yay!

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CraftyNess said...

Oh stop you are making me jelous with the whole cider and chocolate thing! Loving all the cards APU! Vx