Sunday, 31 October 2010

Sunny Dunny

Well, I hope you're all having a Happy Halloween. I can't believe how gorgeous the weather has been again this weekend. Yesterday I joined Himself in Dunbar where he was visiting his parents' and it certainly lived up to it's nickname of "Sunny Dunny"!!

We took a wander into town for the most scrumplicious cappucino and cake in a comfy little cafe, then we walked back through the harbour and along the cliff path. The sun was sinking fast but I got some nice shots anyway:

An old barometer:

Harbour clutter:


Lobster Creels:

Some cute bunting in the harbour. Wish I'd got closer:

Cliffside path:

Tide Out:

Bridge to Nowhere:

After our walk we relaxed at the house, ate fish and chips, and H and his dad were subjected to Strictly and X-Factor (which I think they secretly enjoyed!).

A very pleasant end to October!

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Red and Green Christmas

I really wanted to use up these cute little snowman stickers, along with some random paper scraps in bright, traditional Christmas colours, so out came my trusty circle and scalloped circle punches:

There's no room for wording but I think they're fairly self-explanatory, aren't they? Happy Easter! (?)

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Folksy Friday - Down On The Farm

I've not done a Folksy Friday for ages so, as I've been working on some farmyard characters this week, I've decided to go with the "Down On The Farm" theme.

First up is this cute Farm Design Toy Bag by Loopyloo:

Next this mini jute Tractor bag by Beenbags:

A Farmyard Scene Baby Dribble Bib by PaintedGhost:

These hen earrings by Fairly Girly:

and these cute barnyard puppets by MuNGBEANS:

Cards featuring my Farmyard Friends characters will be available soon!

Monday, 25 October 2010

Every Little Scrap!

There has been some chilly, but beautiful Autumn sunshine around here over the weekend. Himself and I have been out and about, enjoying a walk in the Cammo Estate on Saturday (sadly I had no camera but H did so I will put on photos at a later date), during which I actually fell down a rabbit hole (!), and coffee in Musselburgh with his mum yesterday, followed by a walk to the harbour. Our noses froze on both occasions but the Autumnal colours were amazing, so it was worth it.

Craftwise, I have been taking my obsession with scraps to a new level, when I decided to use the front sheets from these craft packs to make some cards - well, the little patterned squares were too good to waste!

Handy for making a patchwork effect, to which I added some simple rub -ons and a peel-off:

Waste not, want not, eh?

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Pink Christmas

It's been a while since I used a sketch challenge as inspiration so I decided to go with CPS#189 when making my pink crimbly cards this morning:

I first used those Rose-Tinted Christmas papers a couple of years ago and found myself drawn to them again - pink is my favourite colour after all!

I've also recyled an old Papermania flower embellishment for this card that shall soon be winging it's way to Himself's sis-in-law:

I really like using that kraft-esque beige card at the mo!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Scary Owl!

Brr! There was certainly a nip in't air this morning, wasn't there, folks? It was out with the woolly scarf, gloves and winter coat for me. Bleh. I hear talk that this winter is supposed to be worse than the last one. Something to do with there being lots of berries on the bushes or some such old wives tale. I might go into hibernation if that's the case....

It was Tricia, my boss's birthday yesterday and I made her card, but after several attempts, the owl still looked a little scary...

I based it on something I saw in an issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine and it's a fab way to use up scraps! It is obviously also a giant owl, as it is bigger than the trees - ahem!

I'm off now to make calendars and christmas cards - see you soon!

Monday, 18 October 2010

Mushroom Bistro

My little house is gradually coming together, with the addition this week of a table and chairs set from Argos, no less, (I'll make no mention of the two hours of swearing and frustration involved in putting it together on Friday night!) which has created my own little La Mushroom Bistro ambience in the living room! All it needs now is the candle and the bottle of wine! (and for Himself not to be nervous to sit on the chairs lest they collapse beneath him!)

In craft news, I would like to show my felt strawberry bag in all it's "glory"! No, the felt isn't actually stuck down yet!

I'm not sure if it needs anything else added or if that's enough. What do you think?

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Blue Christmas

No, not a miserable one (hopefully!), but rather the first of a batch of crimble cards made with this colour scheme:

I don't normally use peel-offs but I rather like these ones! The papers are, I think, Trimcraft ones from a couple of years back. Quite pleased with how they came out!

Monday, 11 October 2010

New Possibilites!

I'm quite excited just now because my Dad and I have been experimenting with printing out some of my designs so that I can make my Christmas cards more easily:

I'm rather pleased with the results so far and I think this opens up a whole lot of new possibilities for using my designs....

It will save making every paper piecing from scratch as I have done with the chicken on this card for my friend:

It will be a lot less time-consuming and the finished designs will be more consistent.

In house news, my lounge has become a lot more cosified with the addition of this hairy rug from Ikea:

I just love burying my feet in it - mmmmm!!!!

Friday, 8 October 2010

Felty Fickerings

I'm getting very into felt again, having made a strawberry to "adorn" a cute jute (hehe) bag I received for my birthday (pictures will be available once I've worked out how to afix said strawberry to the bag!) and producing a little batch of mini crimble cards using these sweet embellies:

The embellies are by Papermania, but they have inspired me to make my own versions so watch this space..

Other than that, I have been messing around with some other bits and pieces:

More cards for the box!

Monday, 4 October 2010

Craft Room Completion (almost)

The other day I Ikea'd (I really think that should be a proper verb!) and after building another Billy bookcase, I was at last able to set about the organisation of my craft room. It took me the best part of an afternoon - which probably isn't all that long, considering how much stuff there is! But I was so chuffed with the result - it's the first time I've had a proper craft room to call my own - and there is only about 10% more to do now.

Handily, this small bookcase I already had fitted perfectly into the alcove and it houses my envelopes and other packaging (as well as the soft toys I can't bear to get rid of!) The pail on the top shelf contains all my ribbons.

The cupboard under the alcove contains my stock of completed cards:

And my two Billy bookcases are home to my filing "system" and other bits and bobs:

It all fits in wonderfully!

The only messy bit is my craft desk, which is covered in various works in progress, but that's as it should be!

My computer would normally sit here too, but it's still relegated to the living room floor :o(

I have no excuse now for any lack of creativity!