Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Spring has Sprung (Almost)!

Hi folks, sorry I've not been around much lately, I am still alive, honest!  Very much looking forward to spring; I've bought daffs for my vase, have a photography course coming up (I really need to learn how to use my camera properly so I can get more photos on here!), want to do a lot more walking and swimming, and of course make lots of fabby crafty things!!

The next big event is Mother's Day and I have a small selection of cards prepared:

This teatime card could also be adapted for Mother's Day:

and this set of notecards, which has since sold, was also a suggested gift for a Mum!

See you on Friday when I announce the winner of the giveaway!!!

Friday, 24 February 2012

A Crafty Day

A friend has recently passed her driving test so I decided to adapt my wedding car card to make a You've Passed! version!

My friend has a blue car so that's worked out well!

I'm having a crafty-at-home day today, working on lots of little projects.  I was quite pleased with this set of cupcake notecards I listed on Folksy yesterday:

There's something about pink cupcakes I just love!

In between crafting I plan to have a leisurely browse through my favourite blogs, including one by my very own Dad.  It's called My World, My Images and I'm hoping he'll gain a few new followers soon because he's a very talented photographer.  His blog features photographs from his repertoire and also some well-written background information on the featured subject, which is often a landscape or landmark in the local area.  

Dad (and not forgetting my equally creative Mum) has always been very supportive of my crafting and for that I am extremely grateful. I would like to reciprocate that support by mentioning his blog and by joining forces with him at future craft fairs! 

Have a good day everyone!

Monday, 20 February 2012

Spaghetti and Thumb Bolognese

Hello all, hope you had a good weekend.  Mine involved a bottle of sparkling rose` wine courtesy of Himself and trying not to faint with squeamishness after I accidentally grated my thumb whilst preparing dinner on Saturday!  Luckily I don't think there were bits of actual thumb mixed in with the dinner..well, I hope not anyway!

I went a bit bird-mad last week and a flock of them appeared on my craft desk:

Which then went on to decorate an ACEO:

Some gift tags:

and some bookmarks:

They get around, these birds!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Folksy Friday - Fun Fungi!

I'm well aware that my tradename is a little, er, unusual, but I like it, it rolls off the tongue and it's memorable! Plus, I have rather a penchant for fungi! So this week I thought I'd take a look on Folksy for mushroomy and toadstooly items!

I found a fair few.

First up, this pincushion from Country Crafts.

This mushroom ornament from clootielugs

This linen owl with mushrooms on his tummy from Lucy Loo's

These toadstool fabric buttons from Cwtch

This phone cover from eklectikfish

And this toadstool gift bag from Crafty Clairy

I think mushrooms are fab!! :)

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Potter About

I delivered the card order to my new stockist today.  It's a wee place in Burntisland, Fife, called Potter About, which is a cafe, ceramic-painting venue and a gift shop containing a fab variety of handcrafted goods.  I'm excited about this new venture, so fingers crossed it will all work out.  It certainly proved to me that I am capable of putting together a largeish amount of cards to a deadline when required!

Thanks to all those who have entered my giveaway.  There is still plenty of time to enter and cute goodies to be won!

Monday, 13 February 2012

George Clooney Anyone?

It's all getting a bit hectic here at Mushroom HQ.  I have another big card order (for the same person as before) to complete, and I'm still trying to be a February Fruitcake over on folksy, although my daily listings haven't been very daily!

I had a pleasant weekend; on Saturday, my old schoolfriends and I went to see this:

and I enjoyed it far more than I'd expected.  I've never been a particular George Clooney fan (sorry, I just think he's a bit too polished!) but the film was gentle and touching and fabulously shot.  Seeing it on the big screen, I almost felt like I was actually in Hawaii!!
Last night, Himself and I went for an early Valentine's Dinner here and I have to say it was the most delicious vegetarian food I have ever experienced!  The smoked mushroom ravioli had me frothing at the mouth and the whisky and vanilla panna cotta dessert was just to die for!  More expensive than we would normally do, but as a treat it was well worth it!

Craft-wise, I made a couple of pressies for folk over the weekend:

I  hope the recipients liked them!

Monday, 6 February 2012

Meet Me On Monday - 6/12

I can't believe another week is beginning, so soon after the last one! We've escaped the snow in this part of Scotland but it's been pretty chilly so this weekend was definitely a case of cosying up indoors!

This week I'm:

Making - A big card order.  I think my little characters look cute all piled up together once I'd cut them out.

And I now have to match each one up with it's card-mate!

But to me, that's fun!

Cooking - jacket potatoes with lots of different fillings as I got a huge bag of baking spuds for £1.00.  Cream cheese and garlic mushrooms is on the menu tomorrow!

Wearing - my latest charity shop purchases which mainly seem to be stripy tops!

Snacking On - Bombay Mix.  I have Himself to blame for getting me addicted!

Learning - How to make notebooks as opposed to the notepads I already sell.  I think it would give me a lot more creative flexibility if notebooks were in my repertoire.

Bathing In - Starflower and pomegranate bath cream - yum!!

Hope you all have a good week.  I haven't forgotten about the giveaway I said I would have - in fact, I'm working on the prize at this exact moment!  Back soon with details.

Join in with MMOM at

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Charity Shop Chic!

Afternoon all, hope you're having a good day.  I've had a nice day out with my mum, scouring the charity shops in the Morningside area of Edinburgh, where there are approx 275 charity shops per square metre (or so it feels like!)  I managed to find some quite chic items, including a hat, which I loved so much I had to wear it straight away! (Don't know if you can see the vintagey buttons it has on it!)

I've just noticed I have reached the milestone of 100 followers of my blog so thank you to everyone who comes along to read my witterings regularly!  I'm thinking of having a giveaway to celebrate; I need to have a good think about what the giveaway prize will be, though, so bear with me!!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Happy February

It's a new month and I'm bubbling over with excitement because I think I've found a wee shop who'd like to stock my cards!  I'll give more details another time, but I'm going to be busy this week,working on the order for them, and I've got a good friend to thank for giving me the contact in the first place!!  So watch this space....

I recently purchased this pack of paper thread in The works for 99p, it'll be great for making gift tags:

I love the colours - so spring-like!

The end of January meant the end of the New Year Nutters on Folksy, but I really enjoyed my time as a Nutter, had a few sales and met some lovely, talented people.  So I've joined up with the February Fruitcakes (do you sense a theme here??) and am looking forward to the challenge of listing every day for another month!

The first item is a set of my Little Tree notecards, another nod towards spring!

Mind you, it's nowhere near feeling like spring at the moment, is it? I'm off to defrost my toes!!