Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Happy February

It's a new month and I'm bubbling over with excitement because I think I've found a wee shop who'd like to stock my cards!  I'll give more details another time, but I'm going to be busy this week,working on the order for them, and I've got a good friend to thank for giving me the contact in the first place!!  So watch this space....

I recently purchased this pack of paper thread in The works for 99p, it'll be great for making gift tags:

I love the colours - so spring-like!

The end of January meant the end of the New Year Nutters on Folksy, but I really enjoyed my time as a Nutter, had a few sales and met some lovely, talented people.  So I've joined up with the February Fruitcakes (do you sense a theme here??) and am looking forward to the challenge of listing every day for another month!

The first item is a set of my Little Tree notecards, another nod towards spring!

Mind you, it's nowhere near feeling like spring at the moment, is it? I'm off to defrost my toes!!


misteejay said...

Hope all goes well for you with the retail outlet.

Love all the stuff you have been making.

Toni xx

The Dotty One said...

Hi Debbie
Thanks for following my blog and entering my giveaway. I'm glad you did because now I have found yours :o)
Looking forward to reading your posts as I am trying to get more into card making and it looks like you are a lady in the know!
Dotty xx
PS. I think I just became your 100th follower - win!