Thursday, 29 July 2010

Out Of This World

Good Evening! It's been a bit of a hectic day at work so I'm looking forward to some chill-out time, but first I have another early Folksy Friday for you. This time the subject matter is OUTER SPACE!

First up is this cute card by Box of Delights:

This space invader pendant by PendantPixie:

This mini jute rocket bag by beenbags:

This alien batik t-shirt by cheerymishmash:

and this moon, stars and planets bracelet by FunGiftsForWrists:

Finally my own spaceman greetings card:

Hope you've enjoyed looking at my other-worldy selection! Have a good night!

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Thanks a Latte!

I like to take something plain and boring and turn it into something pretty. I've had a notepad on my desk for a while, waiting to be decorated. And now it's been Debbie-fied!

I spent a long time choosing papers that complimented each other as well as the old Papermania flower embellishment and I had lots of scraps left over so thought, why not make a complimentary card?

This one uses my custom cappuccino embelly and my favourite alphabet stamps.

I think they make quite a nice card-and-gift set to give to a friend!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Just Not Prepared!

Good Evening!

Well, I'd hoped to have some photos to show you of a nice day out in East Lothian, but sadly, my camera battery had run out whilst we were on the beach and the few pics I did take haven't come out very well. Sigh. I am well-stuffed from a delish meal at Whitekirk Golf Club, and the walk Himself and I took to the lighthouse at Barnes Ness more than made up for a slightly traumatic event I had last night! Let's just say, I will be more careful when painting my toenails in future!

I was asked today for an impromptu engagement card, but when I searched my extensive stash I was aghast to find I had nothing to fit the "bill". Five million cards (or thereabouts) but none of them suitable for an engagement. In future I will make sure I have one available for every occasion! Except, perhaps, "Happy Doughnut-Eating Day from the Dog"!

My most recent creation features a happy little chap:

I really am a peel-off snob unless they are black, but I liked the wording of this one, so changed it from silver with my permanent pen.

Right, I'd better go and get that engagment card made!

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Folksy, er, Friday - Mousiness!

As I'm really loving being a member of the Folksy community, I've decided to take the plunge and do my very first Folksy Friday! On, er, a Thursday. But work commitments tomorrow mean that I won't get near my PC until much later in the day. Hence mine being a Folksy Fursday! So bear with me people...

As I'm in a "rodenty" mood today, I've decided that the theme of my FF shall be MICE.

Starting off with this cutie from MinXtures:

Squeak, the Sock Mouse from TreacherCreatures:

Mable The Mouse card by TopCat's Corner:

This egg cosy by The Linen Cat:

and this button badge by Pixie Doodle Gifts:

Finally, my own mousey creation:

Hope you've enjoyed looking at my selection!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Sea the Light!

Evening! Well, that's me just home from teaching a cardmaking class at the shop and I think, for the time being, that's going to be my last one. I've really enjoyed the experience of teaching but there is a LOT of work involved behind the scenes and I feel I just have too much on my plate at the moment. I will bow out gracefully and leave teaching to the more "seasoned" of my colleagues!

Last night I made a card using a lighthouse embellishment I created ages ago. The lighthouse had been sitting on my desk for months and I wasn't sure what to do with it. But then I saw that the DCM challenge this week is to make a card with a "sea" theme and thought "That'll do nicely!":

This card also ties in with the CPS #176 sketch which is thus:

Off to put the card in my Folksy shop now!

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Stationery Set Snufflings

Good afternoon! I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. I am only just catching up after a few days away from Blogland. On Friday my work colleagues and I had our much-anticipated Crafting 'n Chinese night at Julie's, where not only did we overindulge in the most delish Chinese food in existence (Tricia's digestive system may beg to differ but that's another story!), we actually managed to do some crafting too! Earlier in the day I'd bought some more cupcake-related goodies from my place of work:

These cute stationery sets - a "snip" at £1.00 each!

Following a suggestion from Julie, I made a set of notecards, using a sheet of the writing paper (cut in half) on the front and the inside, then adding an extra border and a stamped greeting. Four of the cards and their envelopes fit perfectly into this cute card tote, the instructions for which may be found here.

Here is a picture of two of the cards alongside the tote:

And a pic showing the inside of one of the cards, embellished with another sticker from the writing set:

I had great fun making this lot and I think you could probably acheive something similar with any cheap writing set!

Yesterday was spent working hard in the shop and then watching the Sherlock Holmes movie whilst eating Quesadillas.

And today was a visit to Ikea (woo!), followed by a soporific session of viewing the Golf Open on telly and a-snuffling blahly with woman-flu. Fun and games, eh? Now I'm off for a much-needed lie-down!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

A Little Note...

Helloings! It's been an eventful few days at Mushroom Heights, what with drippage of water from the upstairs flat into my electricals, which has resulted in me being afraid to turn my lights on in case I get a curly perm as I touch the switch! Blah! Thank goodness for summer evenings or I'd be forced to craft by candlelight! Let's hope it gets sorted out soon or there may be some grumpiness! And that would never do!

A few days ago I worked up a bit of a sweat trying to create a little post-it note wallet. I had some 2" post-its but couldn't find any tutorials online that "pertained" to that size. Which meant working it out for myself - guh! Two hours later I think I'd cracked it:

This is my card template and the measurements and scorelines.

I decided to use a bright fuschia card and to adhere my post-it (one pad halved - it makes them go further!) on the turned-over card as shown:

I rounded the corners and decorated the front of the holder so when folded up it looks like this:

and unfolded it looks like this on the inside:

The black square is the "hooky" portion of some velcro tape and the other half of the tape is on the front of the note-pad section. You could equally use a sticky-on magnet.

So there you go! Subsequent wallets should not take me two hours to make!

Ooh it's getting a tad gloomy around here now; I feel some eye strain coming on...

Friday, 9 July 2010

Cupcakes Are My Life

It's official. They really are. I live for cupcakes.

Well, not really, but they do brighten up one's day! We recently got a great selection of cupcakey items in't Papermill Shop, and I couldn't resist these notebooks:

I got one of each because they were only £1 and and as I enjoy making lists they'll do nicely! There are also stationery sets and notecard sets, which all could be extra-embellished if you so wish. I'm going to pick up some of the stationery sets too because it's been pointed out by Julie that you could make cards out of them as well! So more cupcakey goodness to follow!

I was quite pleased with this hot air balloon card I made the other day:

I've never actually been in a hot air balloon and I'm not sure I fancy it really. One might say I spout enough hot air as it is!


Wednesday, 7 July 2010


In the next few months I am going to have to buy rather a lot of things as I am moving out of a rented flat and have no bed or couch to call my own! Added to my list now is a PROPER CRAFT DESK CHAIR because I currently sit on a small stepstool (all together now - "Awwwwwww!!!") and it plays havoc with my posture. Not to mention it is rather sore on the gluteus maximus, which are now moulded into the shape of the step (complete with ridges - it's NOT a good look!) Sometimes it's a wonder that I get a single card made!

Anyway, enough with the moaning. A while ago my Dad gave me this little book he'd picked up at a sale. It had rather an unusual fabric-y covering and nice handmade paper pages, and he thought I might be able to do something with it:

I didn't feel it needed a LOT added to it so I finally decided to embellish it with some of the felt flowers from Stampin'Up's Sweet Pea collection:

As I had the felt flowers on my craft desk, I decided they'd also be useful in making funky-style flowers, put together with punched paper circles of varying sizes and a hand-cut vase. There wasn't any room for a greeting when I'd finished the card, but I don't think it needs one:

This card is now available in my Folksy shop.

Have a good evening folks!

Monday, 5 July 2010

Windy Weekend Wafflings

Goodness, I've only been away from Blogland and the Twittersphere for a couple of days and it feels like a lifetime! The reason is that I had to undertake a full weekend at work and there was some socialising to do on top of that (it's a hard life, eh??). But I ploughed through work with gusto (ish) and enjoyed the socialising. On Saturday night we went for a meal here to celebrate the birthday of one of Himself's friends. It was carnivore central but I enjoyed my mushroom and red pepper stroganoff whilst the others chowed down on bits of cow. One had a steak so rare it was almost mooing. But very tasty, by all accounts.

The weather sure was dramatic over the weekend, wasn't it? Torrential rain and then gusts of wind that caused my Sky dish to malfunction about three million times during Top Gear and an episode of CSI. Grrrr. One or two swear words may have left my mouth as a result. ("Bother!" was not one of them!)

Oh yes, look who I discovered lurking behind a plant pot last week?

He introduced himself as Woody, and he's a woodlouse/slater/cheeselog, depending on what you call the critters. He came from this shop and has a lot of verrry cute friends!

After making his acquaintence, he ambled off to do whatever woodlice do...

So today's my day off and I'm determined to get creative! In fact I've made one card so far:

The first of many creations, I hope!