Monday, 5 July 2010

Windy Weekend Wafflings

Goodness, I've only been away from Blogland and the Twittersphere for a couple of days and it feels like a lifetime! The reason is that I had to undertake a full weekend at work and there was some socialising to do on top of that (it's a hard life, eh??). But I ploughed through work with gusto (ish) and enjoyed the socialising. On Saturday night we went for a meal here to celebrate the birthday of one of Himself's friends. It was carnivore central but I enjoyed my mushroom and red pepper stroganoff whilst the others chowed down on bits of cow. One had a steak so rare it was almost mooing. But very tasty, by all accounts.

The weather sure was dramatic over the weekend, wasn't it? Torrential rain and then gusts of wind that caused my Sky dish to malfunction about three million times during Top Gear and an episode of CSI. Grrrr. One or two swear words may have left my mouth as a result. ("Bother!" was not one of them!)

Oh yes, look who I discovered lurking behind a plant pot last week?

He introduced himself as Woody, and he's a woodlouse/slater/cheeselog, depending on what you call the critters. He came from this shop and has a lot of verrry cute friends!

After making his acquaintence, he ambled off to do whatever woodlice do...

So today's my day off and I'm determined to get creative! In fact I've made one card so far:

The first of many creations, I hope!

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