Tuesday, 13 July 2010

A Little Note...

Helloings! It's been an eventful few days at Mushroom Heights, what with drippage of water from the upstairs flat into my electricals, which has resulted in me being afraid to turn my lights on in case I get a curly perm as I touch the switch! Blah! Thank goodness for summer evenings or I'd be forced to craft by candlelight! Let's hope it gets sorted out soon or there may be some grumpiness! And that would never do!

A few days ago I worked up a bit of a sweat trying to create a little post-it note wallet. I had some 2" post-its but couldn't find any tutorials online that "pertained" to that size. Which meant working it out for myself - guh! Two hours later I think I'd cracked it:

This is my card template and the measurements and scorelines.

I decided to use a bright fuschia card and to adhere my post-it (one pad halved - it makes them go further!) on the turned-over card as shown:

I rounded the corners and decorated the front of the holder so when folded up it looks like this:

and unfolded it looks like this on the inside:

The black square is the "hooky" portion of some velcro tape and the other half of the tape is on the front of the note-pad section. You could equally use a sticky-on magnet.

So there you go! Subsequent wallets should not take me two hours to make!

Ooh it's getting a tad gloomy around here now; I feel some eye strain coming on...


misteejay said...

What a cute gift idea.

Toni :o)

ScottishPrincess said...

Such a simple idea and such a pretty result! Well done.

Sarpreet said...

Thank you for the tutorial. Its a fab idea.