Sunday, 25 July 2010

Just Not Prepared!

Good Evening!

Well, I'd hoped to have some photos to show you of a nice day out in East Lothian, but sadly, my camera battery had run out whilst we were on the beach and the few pics I did take haven't come out very well. Sigh. I am well-stuffed from a delish meal at Whitekirk Golf Club, and the walk Himself and I took to the lighthouse at Barnes Ness more than made up for a slightly traumatic event I had last night! Let's just say, I will be more careful when painting my toenails in future!

I was asked today for an impromptu engagement card, but when I searched my extensive stash I was aghast to find I had nothing to fit the "bill". Five million cards (or thereabouts) but none of them suitable for an engagement. In future I will make sure I have one available for every occasion! Except, perhaps, "Happy Doughnut-Eating Day from the Dog"!

My most recent creation features a happy little chap:

I really am a peel-off snob unless they are black, but I liked the wording of this one, so changed it from silver with my permanent pen.

Right, I'd better go and get that engagment card made!


Allison said...

fun card Debbie- what you mean you have no Doughnut Dog cards!!! doesn't everyone!!

Sharon said...

Thanks for the tip, Debbie. I've only got as far as making 'Happy Caramel Shortbread-Eating Day, from the Cat' cards ;o)

Fab card, I like that little character. I'm not a fan of peel-offs either, but they work well when coloured black.

Sarpreet said...

This is gorgeous, and the image is so sweet. Love it