Thursday, 30 September 2010

A Bit Stressy!

Whew! I feel like I haven't stopped this week, what with working and having to sort out the usual hassley bits and pieces that come with moving house. I'm sure I have a few more grey hairs as a result of it all, but I also have lovely family and friends who always support me through the stressful times and I can't thank them enough at the moment.
I have fitted in a little bit of crafting but I am looking forward to spending a bit more time on it this weekend - Himself has the Ryder Cup to occupy his every waking moment, I have Intensive Cardmaking!
I have finally completed the remaining cards from a big order I received at the beginning of September. Most of the order was for girlie cards which are never a big struggle to achieve!

This one used papers and a topper from a magazine. I'm never keen on the glossy feel of the papers you get in magazines, but I thought this one was just a little bit of fun. I've dug my woolly flowers out again too!

And another almost-forgotten classic from my craft room - a Craftwork Cards set - was used to create a simple set of thank-you notecards:

Hopefully when you next hear from me I might have a big batch of Crimbly cards to show you!

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Settling In

Well, that's nearly the end of my second week in the new place and I'm starting to feel quite settled now. There are only a few boxes left to unpack, a couple more trips to Ikea to go on (you can never really have too many trips to Ikea, in my opinion!) and my craft room is becoming the haven of creativity that I hoped it would be. My quickness to settle has been partly due to the nice touches left by the previous occupants, such as this:

It made me feel all smooshy inside when I saw it!

And another nice feeling came from all the lovely New Home cards I received:

In between working on some commissioned cards, the design process for the Christmas characters has been ongoing:

Resulting in these cards which are destined for Folksy:

Percy Penguin

Stanley Snowman

It's actually not too hard to think about Christmas at the moment because there is a bit of a chill in the air; yesterday I had my first mug of Christmas Spice tea and I'm even thinking about where I'm going to hang my decorations!

However, when it comes to making my own Crimble cards, I'm a bit lax. Maybe I need to make that my next priority!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Back Back Back! ( a bit)

Greetings! I have been experiencing severe blogger withdrawal symptoms without internet access, so now, thanks to the wonders of technology (my dad's computer!), I'm here (albeit briefly) to report on recent developments in Mushroom World. I am gradually settling into the new abode and I have received some fab gifts and cards from family and friends. Remember this gorgeous doorstop that I featured on a recent Folksy Friday?

Well, after I featured it, the seller contacted me to tell me she'd sold it straight afterwards - I didn't realise until a few days later that my kind friend Angela had seen it and bought it for ME! It really is as cute as it looks and it has pride of place in my new hoose!

In the midst of the unpacked boxes chaos, I have managed to complete some cards.

This one for my aunt's birthday, using torn scraps and premade embellishments.

And this one, which is a blatant copy of a card from "CARDS" magazine. I just thought it was very simple, yet striking. And a good way to use up scraps!

Finally, this "shabby chic" card, made for a 40th anniversary. The papers are my faves by Cosmo Cricket.

That's all for now, but thanks for bearing with me during my AWOLness. And, thanks, Dad, for the use of your technology!

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Normal Service - Still Not Resumed :o(

Just stopping by quickly, folks (those of you who are still reading my blog!!) to apologise for this longer-than-expected absence of mine. I have now moved fully into my new abode and, so far, all has gone well. I've set up the craft room as best I can and have even made some cards! However, I naively thought I would have my internet connection set up within a couple of days, and now, two weeks later, I am still no further on. Blah! Technology and me just don't mix.

For those of you who still wish to follow my blog, do not worry, I will definitely be back asap to report on life and craft, and there will be plenty of cards to show, plus I have one or two new ideas up my sleeve!

Hope you are all well, I look forward to catching up with you all soon!

Debbie x

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Playing With Felt

Good Evening. My blog is about to go quiet for a short time as I complete my move to Mushroom Cottage, so bear with me, folks.

It's been a busy few days, of packing and lugging boxes betwixt the two addresses, and of spending an unearthly length of time in Ikea, choosing such non-essentials as, er, a bed and a couch! Himself and I did find time to join hoardes of other people in climbing the Braid Hills on Sunday night to watch the end-of-festival fireworks. It was a lovely, clear night and we got a pretty good view of the display colourfully lighting up the sky from the Castle. We even listened to the accompanying orchestral music, using the FM radio on my phone, sharing the headphones between us!

Having a limited supply of craft stuff left unpacked at the "old" abode has given me a bit of a challenge, but I have risen to it manfully and have even done a bit more recycling, using a couple of embellishments that I made during my "felt phase".

I made loads of these Christmas trees for my Crimbo cards a year or so ago and really enjoyed doing so. This card still needs wording but I have packed away all my stamps - oops!

The felt flower adds a nice touch to this simple birthday card, made using free My Minds' Eye papers.

So that's it for now, readers. I hope to report back from my new abode very soon!

Saturday, 4 September 2010

First Crimble Card!

Yes, the sun's shining outside and it's going to be a scorcher, but that hasn't stopped me thinking Christmas and making my first card for the shop!

Rudolph, with the big red nose! Look out for more characters coming soon!

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Home Sweet Home!

As you may have noticed (ahem!) I am moving house soon. And what better way to decorate one's new abode than with some gorgeous, handcrafted items. So for my Folksy Thriday I have chosen some of my Home Sweet Home faves!

Pretty bunting from Kate P Sews:

This fabby canvas by Zuzu's Petals:

This appliqued picture by DinkyDaisy:

This garland by Ickle Nut Tree:

This ceramic heart decoration by Dottery Potter:

And this Cottage Doorstop by Sweet Pea Embroideries:

Scraps Box Raided Again!

Paper-pieced New Address cards:

Only a dozen or so more to make!

And - urrrggghh! - I reeeeallly need to clean those windows! :-O

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Two Homes!

Yes, I am officially "two-homed" at the moment, having received the keys to my new abode yesterday but still in possession of my rented home for another couple of weeks. It was exciting to arrive at Mushroom Cottage yesterday, knowing it's all mine from now on:

Inside, it's a blank canvas, waiting for my stuff:

Only nice comments about the wallpaper please - I like it!

That staircase is going to be like a giant scratching post for Ben - arg!

This is my craft room. As there are not going to be any Little Mushrooms in residence, the Winnie the Pooh wallpaper may have to go!

Le Boudoir. Where, as they say, the magic happens! (don't read this bit, parents!)

I have spent today shuttling back and forth, taking stuff bits at a time, but there is still a lot to do! So lucky I have this week off!

While I was in the supermarket queue, I spotted these stickers that someone had abandoned at the end of the checkout. They looked a bit forlorn so I had to buy them!

I think I'll use them to make my new address cards!