Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Two Homes!

Yes, I am officially "two-homed" at the moment, having received the keys to my new abode yesterday but still in possession of my rented home for another couple of weeks. It was exciting to arrive at Mushroom Cottage yesterday, knowing it's all mine from now on:

Inside, it's a blank canvas, waiting for my stuff:

Only nice comments about the wallpaper please - I like it!

That staircase is going to be like a giant scratching post for Ben - arg!

This is my craft room. As there are not going to be any Little Mushrooms in residence, the Winnie the Pooh wallpaper may have to go!

Le Boudoir. Where, as they say, the magic happens! (don't read this bit, parents!)

I have spent today shuttling back and forth, taking stuff bits at a time, but there is still a lot to do! So lucky I have this week off!

While I was in the supermarket queue, I spotted these stickers that someone had abandoned at the end of the checkout. They looked a bit forlorn so I had to buy them!

I think I'll use them to make my new address cards!

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