Thursday, 30 September 2010

A Bit Stressy!

Whew! I feel like I haven't stopped this week, what with working and having to sort out the usual hassley bits and pieces that come with moving house. I'm sure I have a few more grey hairs as a result of it all, but I also have lovely family and friends who always support me through the stressful times and I can't thank them enough at the moment.
I have fitted in a little bit of crafting but I am looking forward to spending a bit more time on it this weekend - Himself has the Ryder Cup to occupy his every waking moment, I have Intensive Cardmaking!
I have finally completed the remaining cards from a big order I received at the beginning of September. Most of the order was for girlie cards which are never a big struggle to achieve!

This one used papers and a topper from a magazine. I'm never keen on the glossy feel of the papers you get in magazines, but I thought this one was just a little bit of fun. I've dug my woolly flowers out again too!

And another almost-forgotten classic from my craft room - a Craftwork Cards set - was used to create a simple set of thank-you notecards:

Hopefully when you next hear from me I might have a big batch of Crimbly cards to show you!

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