Monday, 4 October 2010

Craft Room Completion (almost)

The other day I Ikea'd (I really think that should be a proper verb!) and after building another Billy bookcase, I was at last able to set about the organisation of my craft room. It took me the best part of an afternoon - which probably isn't all that long, considering how much stuff there is! But I was so chuffed with the result - it's the first time I've had a proper craft room to call my own - and there is only about 10% more to do now.

Handily, this small bookcase I already had fitted perfectly into the alcove and it houses my envelopes and other packaging (as well as the soft toys I can't bear to get rid of!) The pail on the top shelf contains all my ribbons.

The cupboard under the alcove contains my stock of completed cards:

And my two Billy bookcases are home to my filing "system" and other bits and bobs:

It all fits in wonderfully!

The only messy bit is my craft desk, which is covered in various works in progress, but that's as it should be!

My computer would normally sit here too, but it's still relegated to the living room floor :o(

I have no excuse now for any lack of creativity!


misteejay said...

To Ikea??? yep, should be a verb LOL

Your room has really taken shape - enjoy.

Toni :o)

hannelore_cossins said...

Totally agree, I Ikea'd last week too and got a drawer cupboard to put mu finished jewellery in. Will have to blog about it soon!