Sunday, 20 June 2010

Outdoor Pursuits

Well hellooo and isn't the weather gor-jus today?! I have spent much of it in the great outdoorsness and I have to say, it's been good, although I forgot to put on sun cream for the first part of it - whoops! Treated my Daddio to breakfast on the verandah at Craigie's this morning and we stuffed our faces mightily. Then it was off to see the other man in my life and to accompany him on a round of golf (says him, "I know how to treat a lady!"), which, in the glorious weather, was actually a delight. I think I may take up the sport. After all, I did (whisper)beat him at putting a few weeks ago! This afternoon we walked in the Pentlands near Bonaly and sat atop a mound, surveying the view of our birth city. All very nice.

There was a moment when I doubted that I would achieve today's June Loons listing but my dedication to the challenge would not allow that to happen! My card for today is thus:

I very much expect the boy version of this card to appear tomorrow!

Hope you're all having a great evening and much enviousness to those of you who may be sipping a cold glass of Chardonnay on your decking. I hope to be in that position soon!


Ruth said...

Love this card's stunning! And your day sounds like it's been blissful too! Pass my love to the TPMS team xx

Debbie said...

Will do, Ruth, take care.

Debbie xx