Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Rainy Days...

Yup, I'm back to needing a hot water bottle for my feet again, sigh. It's June for pities sake! I'm beginning to wonder if I have a medical condition that causes my extremities to be 100 degrees colder than the rest of my body because this HWB is becoming like an appendage to me! I soon won't be able to go anywhere without it!

Anyway, in homage to the fact that it's been dreary and grey around here today, my Folksy listing is thus:

I'd love to tell you about my weekend but in honesty I'm just too tired tonight. To sum up quickly, it involved: the watching of bunnies frolicking on a woodland walk, tapas, Sex and the City 2 and a Mushroom Korma. In that order.

Supposed to be crafting now but I need my bed!

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Sarpreet said...

such a gorgeous card and brilliant use of papers