Tuesday, 28 July 2009

A Birdie or A Bogey?? It's All Golf To Me!

Howdy! Quick post tonight as I'm hoping to make cards and cook a veggie sausage bake thing for my tea.

I had a pleasant weekend, with an evening canal walk in the sunshine and a curry from Asda on Saturday and more outdoor pursuits on Sunday. We went to the golf driving range and paid for 30 shots so Himself could test some clubs he's thinking of buying. However, H's back went, 3 balls in, which was most unfortunate, and I'm utterly useless with a golf club, so it wasn't a roaring success. We did manage three gentle rounds on the putting green though, with H determined that I should get my ball into at least one hole in two shots instead of 15. It didn't happen but I did enjoy the experience. And the cappuccino and cupcake in the clubhouse afterwards helped considerably!

Not much crafting time was undertaken but I have produced a set of cards like this:

This was all thanks to K and J at work. J provided the stamp and K provided the idea, so I can take no credit (but I will anyway!). The pp is Jesse Edwards and I rather like it. It's going to be part of my Romantic Glamour set.

Right I'm off. There's a refreshing glass of cherryade with my name on it - mmm!

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