Monday, 6 July 2009

Birdwatching and Mound Exploring

Wah!!! I've not done my grocery shopping yet and although I've had a good dinner, using up veg and potatoes and cheese, I'm severely lacking in any tasty sweetmeats to treat myself with while I craft; just a few forlorn choc-covered peanuts rolling around loose in the cupboard. It's a sad situation, to be sure :o( Will have to make up for that tomorrow. I'm quite excited because the Work Girls and I are planning an evening of Crafting & Chowing Down on Chinese Food 24 hours from now. It's been a while since our last get-together, so it will hopefully be productive AND fun!

A pleasant weekend was had, with a Saturday afternoon walk up Blackford Hill, past the Royal Observatory and down to Blackford Pond: places I have not seen since my childhood (and that wasn't yesterday!). I can see why people become birdwatchers because the pond is a haven for feathered creatures and we sat, fascinated by their antics, for ages. There were swans and gulls (why? It wasn't the seaside!) and cute, fluffy baby Coots with gangly legs and feet bigger than their entire bodies! Also ducks and geese. And we found somebodies' keys and luckily located their owner - there were so many keys crammed onto one ring he must have been a prison warder or something!

I actually took my camera for yesterday's jaunt, to view a Neolithic monument called Cairnpapple, in West Lothian. We were dubious of paying a fee to visit something that seemed relatively basic, but when we were told it's the oldest surviving monument on the Scottish mainland, we were more impressed. We investigated the mysterious burial mound (which has been reconstructed under a concrete dome) and the various pits and ditches that surround it. By far the best thing was the view 360 degrees around the hill. And the gorgeous weather.

Aforementioned "mound".

Inside the burial chamber.

How did they move some of these enormous rocks??

Part of the view from "atop" the mound.

It's a pity I don't know how to do panoramas.

After that, we went for a woodland walk in nearby Beecraigs Park and took pics of the gaggles of geese that surrounded the loch:

They were very tame.

They didn't even mind us going near their baby:

Then we went home for tea and to watch the last 8-and-a-half hours of the men's singles final - how LONG did that go on??

All in all a VERY nice weekend!

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