Thursday, 9 July 2009


Just stopping by to update while I'm in the "mood". Great day on Tuesday, taking a walk with Himself at Swanston (pretty Conservation area, thatched cottages, the Pentlands, Highland Coos, etc) and then cappucinoes and delicious cake (I thought it was carrot, H said it was treacle, either way it was yummo) on the verandah of the New Swanston Golf Clubhouse. The weather was cloudy but warm so I felt vaguely holidayish.

Then it was off to the Crafting and Chinese Chowdown at J's for me and work for H (aww!) The C&C evening was as good as I'd expected. We oohed and ahhed over J's amazingly organized and fit-to-burst-with-stuff craftroom, and then crammed our faces with a DELISH takeaway. I had mushroom chow mein with sweet and sour sauce poured over it and chips on the side. Words cannot describe the enjoyment. And the leftovers were even better reheated the next day. The piece de resistance was J's homemade strawberry tarts. We discussed piercings and a bizarre DVD of J's hubby's, entitled "Jabberwocky", hazarding guesses as to what it might be about!

Then we got down to a good hour or so of crafting. Not everyone felt too productive but I did, luckily, and managed to produce a wee collection of mini cards using scraps and some pretty flower stickers:

I'm not sure whether to stamp a greeting on them or just leave them blank. Either way I think they make a nice set.

In other craft news, my Circle Flip-Up Book class was another small but understated success - I think. I will post more photos soon. The August class list was released at 5pm last night, with another stampede of bookings on the "hotline". I suggested that our tickets were probably selling out faster than Take That's! I have no classes next month for I will hopefully be in Holiday mode by then.

Only other card made so far this week, a baby card in the same "vein" as this one. I hope H didn't think it was too "girly" for him to give to his friend; he might have been too polite to say..

OK, best be off, loads to cram in before work!

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