Thursday, 6 August 2009

Lady of Leisure

Well, it's been a busy week so far. Hardly any time for crafting, but it's been nice, catching up with friends and family and being a lady of leisure. The only downer has been a sick cat, which required a vet trip yesterday, and she's still not quite right yet, so I'm hoping that won't develop into anything more worrying :o(

On Tuesday I took my parents to Craigie's as they hadn't been before, and we tucked into hearty breakfasts (my dad and I chose the veggie version of course, my mum did the carnivorous one) and then embarked on a trek into the woods, which turned into a much lengthier walk than we'd anticipated. Dad and I both had our cameras (he was analogue, I was digital) and there were times when we were both snapping away, which had mum rolling her eyes heavenward I'm sure. But there were some interesting photo opportunites including a collection of ruined farm dwellings which had been entirely taken over by nature:

And some tiny mushrooms sprouting from a log (or they may have been toadstools; I wasn't about to sample one to find out:

The fields were ripe with berries for picking:

Then, our legs a wee bit tired, we returned to the cafe for coffee and sweet delicacies on the verandah. Nice!

Yesterday I went for a spell of crafting at V's house. She'd laid on a fab lunch of salad with avocado (I now realise I like this, I wasn't sure before!) and grilled halloumi and it was VERY tasty! Sadly my mojo had deserted me when it came to actually crafting, but it was great to see what she'd been up to and to have lots of crafty chat. Thanks, V!

Going to list a couple of things in the shop day, one being this set of simple notecards:

I made them last night from some Doodlebug stickers I've had for ages. I think I might try and make some kind of "tote" for them to be presented in, then they'd make a nice gift, I think. Wish I could have taken better pics though :o(

That's me for now, going to try and find my mojo!

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