Thursday, 13 August 2009

Scraps Aplenty

At work it seems that I'm developing a reputation for being a scrap collector. If anyone goes to chuck out a miniscule paper fragment after they've finished a card, I'm there to rescue it! So now everyone knows to pass their scraps in my direction and I've got quite a nice little collection forming! It will probably take me a million years to use them all, but, hey, waste not, want not, eh?
I've been quite busy doing admin with my shop and developing a couple of class projects, so all I have to show today is Himself's birthday card:

I've done my usual with peel-offs, backing them onto card and cutting them out, and, you've guessed it - scraps! It was one of three golf cards he received, so not an entirely original concept
but he liked it anyway, so yay!

Back soon; hopefully a bit more to show for myself next time!

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