Monday, 24 August 2009

For Sale - One Mojo - Hardly Used!

Oh dear, I really, really don't know what's happened to my mojo this last week. I've barely made a card and I've had a crisis of confidence about my Recycle and Reuse class. These are the cards I've prepared so far:

The point is to include a recylced element on each card; this one uses a page out of an old recipe book and the corrugated card from a Starbucks cup wrap thing to make the cupcake and the pp is from DCWV's Green Stack, which is 70% recylced paper.

More corrugated card on this one, plus another old book cut up and more Green pp. After coming up with these I wasn't very sure where else to take the idea. Various acquaintences have been turning themselves into alcoholics in order to get me enough beer bottle tops to use on another card, but so far nothing's quite come together. I will have another "stab" at it soon,
and if the Mojo doesn't come up trumps then, I'll be swapping it for another one!!

The shop held a demo day on Saturday, with the staff doing all the demos themselves. Well, I chickened out of that part (shame on me!) but I quite enjoyed bustling about serving customers and got quite a buzz out of the fact it was so successfully busy. Other shops were looking enviously at the crowds in ours, wondering what all the fuss was about!

Yesterday was luncheon at Himself's family home and his mum had laid on a "special" veggie quiche just for me, which was very kind (and also extremely delicious). I also held a VCB and felt a bit maternal again. Oh dear.

Finally in the latest instalment of the Doggy friend has been working very hard and found someone who is keen to rehome him. However, it now seems apparent he might have underlying health problems that might not be sortable :o( Life seems very unfair sometimes, it would be nice if there could have been a happy ending for this one. Will need to keep everything crossed.

Well, that's it for now. I'd better go and try to raise my mojo from the dead - if not, it's curtains!!

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