Monday, 3 August 2009

Lots of Photos! (And Overuse of the Word Cute!)

I'm cheating a little today as I haven't made any new cards over the weekend (slap wrists!) but instead, here are a couple of older creations I'm thinking of putting into my shop:

I'll need to take better photos if I'm going to try and sell these! But I really like this set of stamps from Woodware, coloured in with Twinkling H2o's. The other option is to make simpler versions, for my "Manly Mixture" card set. Hmm...

The reason for the lack of new crafting is that we spent the weekend having a couple of walks. The first was an evening viaduct stroll:

Aforesaid "viaduct" or "aqueduct", I'm not sure which!

A nice covered bridge

At the top.

Cornfields as the sun was going down.

Arty cornfield close-up shot by Himself.

Then we had a canal walk after lunch on Sunday:

All very nice, and decent weather too.

And today I'm on holiday - yay! Spent this morning crafting with my young niece who has just had an op and is recuperating at home. I nattered with my sis-in-law and we had pancakes and maple syrup for brunch. Yums!

It was also the first time I'd made the acquaintence of their new puppy, Cara, who is just the epitome of cuteness:

Did someone say cute?

I think the word "cute"was mentioned!

Oh yes, I'm definately cute!

Blimey! This cuteness lark is tiring!

Are those plantpots huge or am I just small and cute? (Clue: it's the latter)

After this overload of cuteness it was time for a spot of light retail therapy and now I'm home and just about to indulge in some tortellini pasta washed down with a glass of pear cider. Ah, this is the life!

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