Saturday, 29 August 2009

Ups and Downs

It's been a funny mixture of emotions this week and as a result I'm feeling a wee bit drained today. Himself has been off-colour for a few days so I've been worried about that, my noisy neighbours' flat is up for letting which means they're hopefully going, so that caused me some ecstacy until I thought about who might move in next, and there are a few busy weeks at work coming up because K is off on holiday for about a millennium (3 weeks). I will miss her :o(

On the up-side, look what arrived in the shop yesterday - SQUEAL!!!!!

K and I could hardly contain ourselves when we saw them and I was actually prepared to commit violence to get my mitts on one! I'm sure you can't possibly imagine why I am so keen on this range (ahem).

There has not been much creativity going down but I have been selling a few items in my shop so I will need to restock fairly soonish. Here is the latest addition to my Manly Mixture card set:

Sorry the photo's a bit dark; the weather has turned distinctly autumny of late. The stamp set is from a Clear Choice set called Journey (oddly enough). The pp is from the PM Signature Regency range.

In baking news I made some Rocky Road for my colleagues but I could tell from their barely-contained grimaces that I'd had yet another failure. Hardly surprising really, when they looked like this:

Yes I know they resemble something out of a cats' litter tray - I tried my best!!

Finally I am trying not to feel too stupid after an incident at 2.30am this morning when I awoke in a panic, thinking that Ben had eaten one of my anti-neighbour-ear-plug-devices!! Frantically I searched the bed, thinking all the time of the laughter that would echo around the vets' waiting room when I told them of my plight - so the relief was overwhelming when the earplug was located under my pillow. Phew!!! Such things could only happen to me!!!


edie* said...

eh wit? I tried one of the rocky roads in question and it was like there was a party in my mouth and only the cool kids were invited, grimaces indeed!

Debbie said...

Oops! Well, I'm mentioning no names where the grimaces are concerned! Thank you for braving my latest home-baking experiment!