Sunday, 3 May 2009

Back From Blog Wilderness!

Hoorah hoorah hoorah!!!!

I thought it would never happen but it has and boy am I relieved!! After nearly two months of being totally incommunicado I am now back up and running on the internet as of this morning!! So hello to any of my readers who might have stuck around!

So what have I been up to? Well, obviously moving house for starters. I am now quite settled in my wee flat and am growing to really like it, although there has been a lot of readjusting to do. And although getting my craft room organised was a main priority, I am only really halfway there:

This is the current state of one half of my craft room. Scary, huh? Luckily the "working" half is a tad more organised and so there has been some creativity.

I am still very much enjoying the Stampin' Up style and the recent purchase of a scalloped oval punch (slurp!) has meant even more curvy-edged loveliness on all my cards. The Work Girls and I have been producing batches galore at our cardmaking evenings, fuelled by generous helpings of cheesecake and crisps.
I have taught two classes in the shop (my first for 6 months so the nerves were abundant but after they were over I felt that "buzz" - yay!) I have my name down to do a Halloween class using forthcoming Daisy and Dandelion characters that happen to be two cute black and white cats (hmm, that doesn't sound like something I could relate to, does it??!!) Such was my keenness to use these products that I told my fellow class-teacher I would fight her to the death for them!
Not much successful cooking has been going on of late, although I did make a batch of pancakes this morning and, recently, for my work-lunches such delicacies as stuffed peppers and sweet potato -and-coconut soup have passed my lips. As well as regular helpings of the waistline-swelling chips n' cheese from the eaterie in the shopping centre!
Weekends have been mainly work-free, so, with the abundance of nice spring weather we've had lately, many a pleasant walk has been taken around my local area (and, last week a visit to the Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh - another freebie! As I frolicked in the Rockery and sweated in the humid tropicality of the Glasshouses, it was so reminiscent of my childhood, I could have cried. ) Didn't remember to take my camera on any of these occasions though. Blah.
In sad family news, Grannie recently passed away after a short illness. She will be sadly missed and life won't be quite the same without her :o(
Finally, how have the felines taken to the move? Well, surprisingly well, it has to be said. They have to get used to living in a smaller space and I fear for the leather couches that have come with the flat I'm renting, but so far the creatures have been quite well-behaved. And they still harangue me for food about 300 times a day, so that's a good sign.

Gosh, that's a long post. If any readers are still with me - well done! See you again soon!


paul f cockburn said...


Welcome back to the blogsphere!

By the way, the blogger word verification system has asked me to type in "thymeni" to prove I'm a real person and not just some automated spam generator. What a nice word. Well, it should be! :-)

Debbie said...

Hi Paul :o) I agree that "thymeni" should become widely-used in our vocabulary. Although it does sound like some kind of bodily part!