Sunday, 17 May 2009

Techno-fiend Extraordinaire!

Ah, I like Sundays! The sun is streaming in through the window, I'm sitting here, blog-hopping and eating Pringles; what could be better?? I feel I've had a productive morning so far, having made a bit of headway in sorting my computer/craft room as a result of some technical assistance from Himself yesterday. I've set up my ancient hi-fi so I can play some of my multitude of cassettes for the first time since 2001 (or thereabouts). And to prove I AM "down with the kids" when it comes to 21st century technology, I've also downloaded some music to my computer! This feels good!

I've had a bit of a Lady of Leisure week because of shorter working hours and I've fitted in lunch with The Parents (I made a quiche. They survived it.) and two coffee-meetings with friends. Sadly, my creative mojo was absent for most of the time and as a result any cards I DID make were not ones I was particularly happy with. Especially these:

I really like the Wild Blossoms papers, the colours are so zingy, but I felt these cards didn't do them justice. I did, however, discover how one can use one's scalloped circle punch to create pretty paper flowers, thanks to this website.

Luckily in recent days my mojo has returned and I was able to make another card for my cat collection class:

And I think I might also have improved on the Wild Blossoms cards, although photos of those will have to follow...

Oh dear, now I've really gorged on Pringles and I will probably regret that later (burp!).

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