Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Brain Food

When I told everyone what I had brought for my lunch today, they all went "ughh!!". What, may I ask, is wrong with beansprout and tofu salad? I'd marinated the tofu in sweet chilli and soy sauce and it was DELISH! And, do you know, I'm usually sluggish in the afternoons, but after I'd eaten that I perked up and felt really good! In fact it worked wonders for my mojo too, as I began work on my so-called "Doodled Doggies" (all will be revealed at a later date) class and was really pleased with the results. Hoorah. Now I'm about to eat a plate of my trusty onion ring crisps. Wonder if they'll have a similar effect?

I did some sorting and project-planning this morning, and decided I really must do something about my scraps box:

I can't even close the lid now! Yet whenever I go to look in it, I can somehow never find the colour I want! It's a shame, but recycler that I am, I can't bring myself to throw any of it out :o(

I made another set of cards using Wild Blossom papers and chipboard shapes:

I'll be sad when I've used these papers up, they're nice and citrussy!

Now I'm off to look up more tofu recipes! See you soon!

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