Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Recycling and Rainclouds

I've felt too lazy to blog for a few days but as the week is rapidly speeding by, I thought I'd better make an appearance! There have been some pretty heavy downpours and not much good light for crafting (terrible excuse, eh??) but I' m quite pleased with this set of cards:

I made them using some cute felt embellishments that my grannie had saved from an old card, so they are slightly recycled, which I am extra chuffed about. Sorry about the poor light in the photo. The fact that my camera was stuck on timer delay and I couldn't work out how to switch it off, didn't help matters! But luckily I've sorted it now so normal service should resume.

We had a pleasant Sunday, managing to dodge the showers, although our original plans were slightly thwarted. After traipsing round two eateries (in the Gallery of Modern Art and the Botanical Gardens), we finally gave up on finding somewhere that was still actually serving lunch at 3.30 in the afternoon, and ended up having a Waitrose-bought salad-fest al fresco in Colinton Dell. It was very pleasant indeed. Then we had a walk and between us took a few photos:

The view as we ate our lunch.

A lot of greenery.

The tree that someone had to build their fence around.

More, er, green.

Nature being creative.

All in all a very nice way to spend an afternoon.

Ooh there's a downpour going on at the moment and it's the kind of rain I like: that heavy summer rain with the sun still shining and the clouds lowering ominously. Just going to watch it from the window! See you soon!

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