Friday, 22 May 2009

Cardmaking, Cooking, Showing-off!

Hi! This is an unusual time for me to be blogging but I had an early finish at work and thought I'd fit a quick one in before I head off for an evening of cardmaking (and hopefully cherry cheesecake!) with the girls from work. The sun is out and that always inspires me :o)
Tonight I plan to do a few more of my Wild Blossom cards (this version I was actually happy with):

And this morning the mojo gods were with me and I made some cards like this:

Finally, a wee card I made a while ago for the shop to promote chipboard shapes and Doodlebug:

The cat is triple-embossed and his face is made of tiny gems. Think I'll rescue it now and recycle it for MY shop!

On the food front, I have had a successful week of cooking: I made, amongst other things, asparagus pesto sauce for pasta, a ratatouille sauce for pasta and, today, a yummy carrot and ginger soup! I may not be able to bake but I do like my savouries!

Well, I've made myself hungry now! Lucky I have some of the aforementioned ratatouille pasta left, eh? If I do get any cards made tonight (and don't just end up chatting and stuffing my face) I may return with the results tomorrow! Bye for now!!

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