Sunday, 10 May 2009

A Lovely Weekend :o)

It's turning out to be a pleasant weekend so far. Have been lucky with the weather, as there were some heavy downpours but somehow we managed to miss them and catch some glorious sunshine in-between. Yesterday, a walk in Colinton Dell with the fresh scent of rain still in the air, brought us closer to nature and blew our cobwebs away. We saw an elegant heron standing statue-like in the weir but as usual I didn't have my camera with me to capture the moment. Then back home to eat spinach and ricotta lasagne cooked by Himself. Tasty!
Today the weather was once again on our side and I actually remembered my camera! We took a trip to Craigie's, a farm shop and cafe near South Queensferry, and lunched on the terrace in the sunshine. It felt like being on holiday.

This wasn't a bad view to accompany our meal:

Then we had a walk round the farm itself. It was nice to see the free-range chickens enjoying their freedom:

We also walked in the nearby woods:

And finally, a trip to South Queensferry itself. It was mobbed and I had a Parking Incident and the world laughed at me and I nearly had a strop but I recovered myself in time for us to take a walk along the waterfront:

Fiddled with my camera a little, trying to work out the settings. I've never really taken the camera out in the field before and I definately need practice. Himself, of course, seems to be a natural:

We sat once again on a sun-drenched terrace to drink cappuccinoes and watch the world and his dog go by, then, before the broiling rain clouds advanced over the horizon we took another walk and finished up eating bags of chips in the car, washed down with Irn Bru. Bliss!
I like weekends like this!

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