Saturday, 21 March 2009

Moving On...

Hi! Just briefly stopping by to report in on the Happenings of Life amidst the chaos of moving home. I am up to my eyeballs in boxes and there's still no end in sight. Who could imagine it was possible to accumulate so much "stuff", 90% of which I never use! I might need to start looking for alternative destinations for my use-free items.

This box, for instance, is to be sealed tightly and shipped to Abu Dhabi forthwith. (Only joking...)

All the activity and the stress of phoning a million utility companies to change my details over (you really do need a masters degree to do this) has meant nil card-making except for a couple of friends' kids' birthdays:

I'm desperate to get my craft room set up in the new place and knuckle down to productive cardmaking! There's been very little time to chill out recently and I miss being creative. However the delightful spring weather we've been having has made me positive for the future and although I will be leaving my garden behind I have captured one lasting image from it:

Now, having spilled coffee in my keyboard I think that's a sign I need to get back to the box mountain, sigh. Chances are this will be my last foray into blogworld for quite some time until I can get myself connected up in the flat, so I hope my readers (if there are any) will bear with me for this interlude.

Hope to be back with you soon! Byee!!

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