Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Empty Boxes and Inedible Muffins

Hello! Well, I really am the Master of Getting Nothing Done. Less than a week until I pick up the keys to my new place and I've not done any packing yet! I've collected plenty of cardboard boxes courtesy of work, which the cats have had a great time playing in, but which remain otherwise empty :o( No doubt it will be a last minute panic as it always seems to be with me.
I didn't do much at the weekend. Himself was away up North doing manly things with his mates in a remote cottage near Aviemore on their annual Lads Holiday (I suspect that possibly, just possibly, it may have involved eating loads, drinking loads, golf and computer games!) so I was very lazy indeed. I didn't get up until 11.15am on Sunday (SO many box-packing hours lost!) and I watched a lot of telly and had many a bath. I even decided against going to an 18th birthday celebration for my Outnumbered-Male Workmate on Saturday night because I just felt too damn old and past-it! Blah. I did, however, make some cards:

All in the Stampin'Up "vein", as you can see. I would be bereft without my scallop punches now!
I made my final attempt at baking: some carrot muffins, which were vile, so I have now decided to throw in the "towel" as far as cake-making is concerned. It is rarely a success, despite my enjoyment of savoury cooking, so I should bow out gracefully and let more able bakers do the whole muffin thing. Everyone at work is on a diet anyway so there is no point taking in the "fruits" of my labours for them to be poisoned by - er, I mean enjoy!
In Family news, my poor Grannie had a fall on Friday and is spending a few days in hospital. I think she's doing OK but I wish her a speedy recovery and hope to see her soon. Get Well Soon, Grannie! (Hope you like the card)
Gosh, it's getting late! Better head off now and get busy not-packing-any-boxes-again!!

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