Tuesday, 3 March 2009

A Very Cultured Weekend (Almost)

Well, the film, "He's Just Not That Into You", was very enjoyable; definately a chick flick - we couldn't imagine the menfolk sitting through it - but it was a good cast, some touching moments, and the subject matter prompted much discussion between my friend and I as we left the cinema. Then we managed to get lost, on foot, trying to find the car in the multi-storey car park, then lost our way again trying to drive out of the bloomin' car park! We reminded ourselves, sadly, of our mums who are also friends and who took us places when we were younger and usually, errr, got us all lost! Sorry Mum! I don't think sense of direction is a strong gene in us!

In the next exciting instalment of Things To Do For Free In Edinburgh On A Sunday Afternoon: The National Gallery. Himself and I had a very pleasant walk through Princes Street Gardens in some idyllically spring-like weather before a freak hailstorm hit and we scuttled into the gallery post-haste. We proceeded to spend a couple of culture-laden hours wandering around, admiring the portraits and discussing the intricate brushwork and the breathtaking use of colour and light to convey contrasting textures. OK...well, maybe not...but we did TRY to look intellectual! And the cafe' was very comfortable :o)

The weekend ended on a flat note - literally - when I experienced the joys of a flat tyre for the first time in my years of car-ownership. Panic threatened to burst forth from my "bosom", but I kept it in check, mainly as a result of the calmness and practicality of a certain man-prescence. What would we do without them?!

In final news: my hunt for a flat may be over and I hope to move into my new abode within two weeks!! So I'm going to be VERY busy and I'm sure my blogging habit will suffer. But it's all quite exciting and I still plan to churn out some cards meantime! If nothing else, I'll need to make some New Address ones!

That's all for now, a sneak peek of my "Sweet Treats" class next time if you're lucky!

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