Saturday, 28 February 2009

Card Class Corruption!

I can't believe I've been absent for so long AGAIN but I have had Blogger's Block as well as it being another hectic week. The work night out was a good laugh although with my digestion still in a delicate state, it didn't take much food to fill me up and I literally felt fit to burst by the end of the night, even though not a drop of alcohol was consumed. Plus I have successfully managed to spread my lurgy throughout my colleagues, including the manager - ooerrr!! Well, I am the main suspect anyway, not a dodgy fajita.
My two classes for April were "launched", and there were some immediate bookings, which gives me quite a buzz. Now I'm under pressure to come up with some great items that will not disappoint. There were plans afoot to sabotage my Irish cohort's class descriptions before publication; with her loopy handwriting, her class "featuring fairies" could easily have been misread as "festering fairies", which doesn't have quite the same appeal! But I'm not that evil :o)
Corrie has been unwell this week, as a result of an amorous encounter with a block of feta cheese. I really ought to learn not to leave such things out on the kitchen worktop! Sigh.
Some cards have been made:

The top two were made with batches in mind, the other two were for specific occasions and feature my colour scheme of the moment. I have decided to use a weekly colour challenge blog as part of my inspiration: this week it's tangerine and two shades of blue which is certainly "interesting"!
Tonight I'm off to the cinema for a girlie chick flick with my dog-owning friend. Quite looking forward to it, I feel the need to chill out after a busy day at work yesterday (28 boxes of delivery to unpack and check!!) and the added pressure of flat-hunting. An afternoon of cardmaking awaits, but first I'm off for a cup of "char" and some carrot cake....



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edie* said...

the card with the dandelion stamp in it is, as they say, lush.