Friday, 6 February 2009

Stampin'Up a storm! (I hope)

Hi there!

Day off today, unusual for a Friday, but I intend to make the most of it! It's been chucking down the dreaded white stuff on and off all week, but today, with the sun shining, I have to concede that the wintery landscape is rather lovely. I've no photos of it to share, though, because I'm too lazy to go out into the freezingness at the moment!

Great day at work on Wednesday, it was really busy in the shop - and our Stampin'Up goodies arrived!!

I think almost all of us have purchased the fabby scallop circle and border punches and tonight's our group Card-Making Night so much productivity is planned with these items. If the evening's a success it may become a regular thing so fingers crossed we don't get too distracted playing with the host's cute and fluffy puppy and cats!!

Talking of cats, here's an amusing shot of one of my cat-owning friend's big fluffy boys, taken by her whilst we were munching our haggis pizza at her place the other night:

I don't think he realised his tail was sticking out!

Had lunch with the Parents yesterday, we went to our favourite garden centre cafe and I stuffed my face with macaroni cheese. It was delish and the conversation was enjoyable also. In the evening I ate well again - a successful egg pilau rice, made from scratch and supplying me with enough non-meat protein to keep me alive for another week!

Right, I'm off; on my agenda an afternoon of shopping and a coffee date, yay!

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