Friday, 13 February 2009

Return From AWOLness

Can't believe I've been absent from blogland for a week but happenings in Real Life have interfered with creativity, sadly. More snow fell but I have overcome my phobia of the stuff somewhat; in fact I think I'm even developing a soft spot for it (!!). Maybe.

Last weekend was spent in front of the telly, watching Scotland play Wales at Rugby (I don't understand the game at all I'm afraid, despite the best efforts of Himself to explain it, but the injuries are always interesting). I also watched the movie Forrest Gump for the first time (I am of the rare breed who never seems to watch the "big" films when they first come out - I didn't see ET until I was about 25!) and blubbed pathetically into my big woolly throw. I must have just been feeling extra "sensitive" or something. Ahem.

The week began with me becoming Public Enemy Number One of the cats. Not only did I take it upon myself to perform the much-hated nail-clipping routine, to which they protested mightily (but I easily subdued THAT, har har!), but they were also carted off to the vets for their yearly boosters, which deeply interfered with their routine of eating and sleeping. I also "discovered" that they are still overweight, sigh. I do my best but food is their life. Other than that they were given a clean bill of health, phew. I wouldn't want to be without the wee souls.

Us, fat? Never! (pic courtesy of One's Dad)

Sadly, I've barely got near my craft room, except to make one or two cards in the style of Stampin'Up:

I'm quite liking the results. I've made batches of them, and plan to add a few more designs and assemble gift sets of cards, just in case I ever open my shop. I wouldn't hold your breath though. Procrastination is my middle name.
Well, I'm off; some finishing touches to make to a Valentine's Card ( a pop-up one, no less, if I can make the darn thing work) and then, I think, some food. See you next time!

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