Monday, 23 February 2009

Spring is Sprung!

Hi folks, no pics today, just an update. Up until a couple of days ago I was still feeling fairly icky after my vom-fest, and the appetite is only just returning to normal. About time too, so I have been plying myself with health-giving smoothies and, er, chocolate. Well, I don't want to waste away do I?

There has been some pleasant, springlike weather recently, and on Saturday we went for a lengthy walk in a nearby country park, which, apart from the neighbouring sewage works (and accompanying delightful odour) and the yobs setting fire to the picnic area, afforded us some picturesque views and a plethora of photo opportunities (guess who didn't have her camera with her?? When will I learn???!!?). I am determined to get out and about into the "fresh" air a lot more this year, and to discover all the local walking routes. Cycling too, would be good, except for the fact that my bike hasn't seen the light of day for about 8 years, and I don't "do" hills.

Work has been busy, with the wedding season upon us and my ongoing preparation for two classes I'm teaching in April. Today I devised the wording to go on the class list we will print for our customers; my colleague and I were vying for the title of Most Enticing Descriptive Paragraph to draw the punters in, with hilarious results. We really are wasted as mere shop workers.

Well, I'm pretty tired tonight so no crafting for me :o( Tomorrow is the work "christmas" night out at a Mexican eaterie and I'm quite looking forward to it, assuming I can actually eat something and I'm not yawning into my chimichungas by 9pm.

See you soon! (With some cards and photos hopefully!)

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