Wednesday, 5 October 2011

My Weekend

Helloings! I told you I'd return with a quick recap of my weekend, so here it is!


morning - work

afternoon - crafting

evening - Elvis! A retirement do for a colleague, held in a local pub, with a meal (I think I may have unwittingly eaten meat, the lentil soup tasted suspiciously "hammy" - horrors!!) and much boogieing on the dance floor! (My middle-aged, male boss, bopping around to "Sex on Fire" - now, there's a sight I didn't think I'd ever see!) The Elvis tribute act was extremely good and I discovered a liking for "the King's" music that I didn't know I had! My retiring colleague had palpitations with the excitement of it all, I drank Coca Cola all night, took several drunk people home in my car and got about 4 hours sleep. Pleh.


morning - Up at crack of dawn to support Himself and his siblings who were taking part in the Great Edinburgh Run. I wasn't running, no, no no; indeed, we had to run for the bus to take us there and that just about killed me! Once I'd got my breath back and stopped seeing black spots in front of my eyes, we met up with his brothers and sister, they rather fetchingly attired themselves in bin bags to keep them dry in the pouring rain until the start of the race, then they were off! I chased round half of Edinburgh to take photos and videos of them at strategic points along the route, but, alas, I didn't make it back in time to see them cross the finish line! Doh! Well done, though, guys!!

afternoon - Coffee and cake at Craigie's farm with Himself's family. We were spellbound by the cuteness of Himself's little nephew, but the proceedings were curtailed when I had to take H's sister to the airport before she missed her flight.

evening - Had a table at latest Matalan fashion show charity event. Sold quite a few notepads. Ate more cake. Came home. I was beyond tiredness at this point but still had orders to package before falling into bed!

So that's my blow-by-blow account of the weekend! Luckily, I have been taking it a little easier since and have been doing some gentle crafting. And tonight I've listed my newest creation - Christmas Owl gift tags!

Sorry about the greenish tinge to the photo - I don't know what's going on there, but it's making me rather queasy!!

Now I'm off to put my feet up!

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