Monday, 31 October 2011

Cupcake Delights!

Thank you, readers, for the various suggestions as to how best to manage my, er, wind problem at the craft fair the other day! Sadly, perhaps my bean-induced billowings did keep people away as my wee stall didn't do quite as well as it has on other occasions! Never mind, it was a fun day, the fair as a whole was busy and there were lots of lovely crafty people there to chat to! Roll on the Christmas Fair!!

Yesterday, Himself and I were out rambling around in the countryside (as we do) and we came across a little gem of a place called the Cupcake Cafe Bar! We just had to sample the wares and we could hardly bear it when we came to the last mouthful!

On the subject of cupcakes, I couldn't not mention the delish banoffi cupcake I bought from this lady who had the stall next to mine at the fair. It was to die for and made the perfect treat to cheer me up when I got home after the event! So it's been a heavenly cupcake weekend!

Now, onto Meet Me On Monday #13 !!

This week I'll be...

Eating: Onion bhajis, vegetable pakora, samosas and naan bread left over from curry night, with lashings of mango chutney - yum!!

Drinking: Another flavoured cider by Magner's - Spiced Honey and Apple - slurp!

Buying: Ingredients to make Whoopie Pies as I really fancy trying it!

Making: Christmas tealight gift sets, once I've bought the tealights!

Listening to: For the first time, my music collection on an Ipod lent by my Dad - yes, he's embraced the technology of the 21st century quicker than I have!

Printing: New business cards and labels for Crafty Mushroom - that's the plan anyway!

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misteejay said...

Sorry to hear the fayre wasn't as good as you had hoped but love the sound of the cupcakes you've been munching.

Have a great week.

Toni xx

Jumbleberries said...

Thanks for joining in with MMOM again. Love the sound of the Cupcake Cafe Bar and looking forward to hearing how you get on with your Whoopie Pies. Defo going to try the cider.

Thanks for sharing - have a good week.

Jumbleberries xx

Allison said...

hope you enjoyed your coffee and cake- sounds like a busy week ahead then- enjoy