Monday, 24 October 2011

Meet Me On Monday 12

Evening All! The nights are fair drawing in but I have my trusty hot water bottle underfoot, the blinds drawn and I'm ready to create! That's if I can get my printer to work as it's been giving me some problems lately :( Don't let me down, technology! Especially as I'm just about to make personalised Christening cards available in my shop!!

Now, without further ado, on with this week's....

Meet Me On Monday!

Over the next seven days I'm going to be -

Making: A final lot of stock for this event on Saturday! More long notepads waiting to be decorated and calendars to be bagged!

Drinking: Spiced pear and ginger cider; one of several autumnally-flavoured ciders I hope to sample on these cold, dark nights!

Watching: Tonight, a programme called Mummifying Alan. I'm a bit weird and am interested in things like this!!

Reading: The Girl Who Played With Fire by Steig Larsson. I read the first book in the trilogy earlier this year and was hooked. Great bathtime reading!!

Wearing: Cosy knitwear - once I've bought some! Nothing in my wardrobe feels warm enough at the moment!

Remembering: That I've also listed some Little House gift tags in the shop - great for making New Home cards!

You can join in with MMOM here - it's great fun!!


Jumbleberries said...

Wonderful cards and gift tags as usual :). I love the Girl Who books (although they can be a tad grizzly) but happy reading. And am thinking I will have to get myself some of that cider, sounds just right for a chilly Autumn evening.

Thanks for joining in with MMOM - have a productive week.

Jumbleberries xx

famfa said...

The 'Girl who' books are amazing but I agree with clare - grizzly - I am ploughing my way through the last one. Get yourself some woolies and you'll be alright. x

misteejay said...

The card has come up a treat and the tags are soooooooo cute.

Hope your printer behaves...I'm still stuggling with my PC and to crown it all the system at work has imposed further restrictions on what can & can't be accessed - very hit & miss and very frustrating.

Toni xx

dina vanessa mercado said...

wow!!! you really are artistic and talented... love your work, so great!!! you seem to have a busy week ahead.. have fun!!! enjoyed your blog... following you now... hope you could visit my blog too... kissess!!!!