Thursday, 26 August 2010

To Halloween or Not To Halloween?

That is the question! It has been a dilemma of mine for a few days, ever since I made a few wee "Scary" characters; should I put them on cards or not? After all, sending cards at Halloween is not really a big thing over here (feel free to disagree, anyone!), so, after some discussion with my work colleagues today I have decided that they might be better put to use on someone's scrapbook page, or a treat bag or gift tag.
So meet Bat, Pumpkin, Mini Mummy and Ghostie:

Ready to adorn whatever Halloween projects you fancy!


Debs M x said...

Love the halloween stuff!

i have left you an award on my blog x

Allison said...

fab Hallowen characters
I LOOOve Halloween and they are one of my favourite cards to make