Sunday, 15 August 2010

Keep Every Scrap!

I know not everyone conforms to this philosophy; in fact, many a personage has scoffed, nay mocked, my decision never to throw away any piece of patterned paper, no matter how miniscule the scrap. Indeed, some of my scraps cannot even be seen without the use of an electron microscope! But last night, after I'd embarked on a project to create a gift box for a set of notecards that had been listed for a while in my Etsy shop, I was thankful for my hoardage rule!

This was the original set of cards:

Made using a firm favourite paper set - the Bloom and Grow range from My Minds' Eye! I felt they needed a little "tweaking" and the addition of some wording, as well as the creation of a little box to put them in.

I was aghast to find that I had used up all my B&G papers, though.
The box was made, but what would I decorate it with?

I was a-fret with worry.

Until I remembered my "unfathomably infinitesimal scraps" collection.

And lo and behold, some diminutive pieces remained!



Allison said...

they're so pretty Debbie

JAustenJewelleryDesign said...

Gorgeous! Well done! They look great

Ruth said...

Gorgeous....still loving these papers...long may they last :-D

Laura x said...

I also subscribe to the school of thought that says never throw away a gorgeuos scrap of paper! And you have shown here you never now when they may come in handy!

Sarpreet said...

These are gorgeous

Sharon said...

Excellent tip, Debbie. They're gorgeous.

There's something on my blog for you. I hope you'll accept it :o)