Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Just "Barge"ing In... say hello! Today is Himself's birthday. Happy Birthday, Himself!! At present he is away on a canal boat with his Dad and his Dad's friend, but because the canal is a local one I was able to join them for a brief time yesterday and it was a fabby experience! I found it completely relaxing, just trundling along at a snail's pace, watching the world go by and taking it easy. Our friends also joined us and so did my Mum and Dad so it was quite a party! I think the boys will be glad to get the boat to themselves today!

The two of us at the "helm".

A view from the "bow" (or, as I, not incorrectly, called it, the "prow") of the boat.

The canal "basin", where we stopped off at the pub!

I felt so inspired by this little adventure, that I made a card when I came home:

I think I'll keep this one for Himself's Dad's birthday!

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