Thursday, 5 August 2010

Golf Mad!

I apologise if my posts are a bit few and far between over the next few weeks, folks. I am eagerly anticipating a couple of weeks holiday from work (as of 6pm tomorrow - hoorah!) and will be flitting back and forth making preparations for my house-move at the end of the month. So it may not leave much time for crafting but I will do my best!

With Himself's birthday looming up, I needed a golf-related card. So I made two, and this one (the golfer bears more than a passing resemblance to Himself!) will be going in my shop as I know there are more than a few golf-widows out there!

Personally I find the game rather relaxing to watch - all that nice scenery! Do you like my golfer's fetching attire??


BaggieAggie said...

Love the card, Debbie, especially those stubbly legs! OH's birthday looms, so must browse your gorgeous shop in the next day or two. x

Sarpreet said...

Gorgeous card - beautiful paper and image