Friday, 13 August 2010

Gherkin Surprise!

I've finally had the crafty day I was hoping to have during my week off - yay! I've done other useful things too, including coming up with some improvised recipes to use up all the bits and bobs in my fridge (potato and veg tortilla at lunchtime, sun-dried tomato and cream cheese pasta for tea) and a trip to the dump with the junk I amassed during my declutter. Best of all, the sun's finally been shining!

All the cards I made today had a distinctly "girly" theme:

I love making my own embellishments - it's a great way of using scraps!

Now to decide what to make for supper using the very last of my fridge contents. Any ideas what can be created using cucumber, toffee yoghurt and a gherkin? Even Delia might struggle with that selection!

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Sarpreet said...

wow! three set of gorgeous cards