Monday, 12 April 2010

Summer Sunshine

Despite the annoying nose-splurgings of my cold, I managed to have a very pleasant weekend. On Saturday I went to a Pampered Chef party hosted by my friend Clare and demonstrated by our mutual friend Abby. I'd never heard of the company before but I really enjoyed the event and even had my own veggie version of the recipe cooked for me! We sat in the conservatory to watch/participate in the demo and the weather was so lovely we scoffed the resulting yumminess in the garden. Then, after perusing the catalogue for several millenniums, I opted (along with everyone else, I think!) to purchase a natty chopper gadget that should revolutionise my onion- dicing in the future!

Behold! Streaming onion eyes will be no more!

I'm even thinking of hosting a PC party in the future...

Later on, with the sun still out and despite my highly innappropriate footwear, Himself and I took a walk along the canal at Slateford before heading back for spicy bean burgers and curly fries - smlurch!

On Sunday, despite having a blister the size of Bolivia on my foot, H and I took a drive to Carlops (Me: "Ooh - Carlops! That sounds a bit like Cyclops!" Himself: "Yes, Dear!"), where we walked in the hills and had a picnic.

Rusting farm "implements"

Man in shorts standing beside pile of snow! Weird, eh? (and I don't mean the shorts!)

Cute little bird hide overlooking North Esk reservoir.

A frog/toad creature. Himself took another pic of two frogs/toads giving each other a piggy-back ride (aherm!!) but in the interests of decency I decided not to show it!

Some picked-clean bones! This wasn't the aftermath of our picnic, I must clarify!
And throughout it all, the sun shone brightly. How lovely!

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Sarpreet said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun