Thursday, 29 April 2010

An Odd Personage

I'm a bit strange because I like to arrange my paper and card into colour order and then take photos of it.

But I spent the best part of a morning last week doing this so I'm quite proud of it! Now I can see at a glance which colours I have or don't have and can lay my hands on a particular one in an instant!

On a less psychotic note, I made a set of cards for a commission this morning:

The stamps are Stampin'Up and Woodware, the flocky paper is Artsylicious and I used my new best friend, Versamark watermark ink on the background. I was quite pleased with how they came out.

Kim's SU party is tomorrow. Woop!


paulfcockburn said...

It's OK as long as you don't order them in alphabetical order by colour, manufacturer, and then by time of purchase.


Debbie said...

yes, I would start worrying about me if i got to that stage!

Tricia Edie said...

ooooh it looks prettier than i imagined - lush cards btw. Is that our flocked pink paper?

Debbie said...

Thank u :o) Yes, it is the flocked paper we had in!