Saturday, 24 April 2010

Die-Cut Crazy!

Well, I've been a busy little bee today. I've done all my housework, made a chocolate biscuit cake (Method: throw melted chocolate, butter, almonds, crushed digestive biscuits, syrup and raisins into a bowl and mix, spread out, chill, cut up and enjoy. Yes, it's a heart attack in a slice!) and, most importantly, sorted all my paper and card into colour order. I know I'm sad. But it gives me great pleasure to look at my neatly ordered rainbow of colours on the shelf and to know it looks nearly as good as Julie's from work! Sigh...!
Yesterday I had a second day's holiday from work, so I met up with Himself, we went to the golf driving range for a few practice balls (ahem) and then he treated me to cappuccino and cake before we took a walk in the rain and spoke to some horses in a field. In the evening I made a card for this week's DCM challenge:

Die Cut Crazy

As I don't actually own a die-cutting machine (I'm such a peasant!) I dug out all the old die-cut shapes I used to purchase off Ebay and came across this cute little cappuccino cup. That'll do nicely, I thought and so this card was created! And then, inspired by some fab toppers my colleague Kim made on Wednesday, I went on to put together these babies:

Now I need to do a bit of taking it easy myself!


CraftyNess said...

Debbie I love those toppers and card they are really fab. Been looking at trying to get some more die cuts and cricut cartridges for the class but just too much to choose...

Allison said...

fab card, love the coffee cup
Have a good weekend

Lythan said...

the card is great Debbie. And having to be inventive certainly paid off.
Thanks for a creation to "die for" a la DCM :)