Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Scraps Dilemma

Hello folks, just a quick post while I wait for my (veggie) chilli to cook. I keep looking at my overflowing scraps box and feeling depressed at all the pieces of paper measuring 2.2mm square that I don't like to throw out in case they come in useful. I can't even close the lid now and something has to be done. So, inspired by a few cards seen on Stampin'Up blogs, I put together this:
I really like that "earthy" beige card but after making one set of these I only have a few pieces left :o(
The sentiment is SU and the PP is anyone's guess! I just chose some colours that went together (and a few that didn't - you should see the other cards!) and I suppose you could have as many strips of pp as you wanted, depending on how many million scraps you need to use up!
I've only got 259,000,000 still to go!


Sarpreet said...

Lol, know the feeling with scraps. All i can think of is using mini punches, to create your own backgrounds.

Sarpreet said...

meant to also say - this card is gorgeous. love this sort of style

Debbie said...

That's a good idea with the punches! Will give it a try!
Debbie x

Allison said...

its lovely Debbie- great way to use up the scraps