Thursday, 15 April 2010

Marvellous Monochrome

I've just eaten Nachos - yum! *Licks fingers* And at work I ate about 100 pieces of Julie's frankly orgasmic (sorry parents!) Rocky Road. Not to mention lots of bits of Easter egg. My waistline should be the width of the Grand Canyon at this rate! But you've got to enjoy life, haven't you? One never knows when supplies of cheese and chocolate might dry up. Or I might become one of those people with migraines who can't eat such delicacies (horrors!).
Anyway, enough of my rambling. In a bid to find more things to list in my Etsy shop, I've put together a kit of Black-and-Whiteness using lots of monochromatic bits and pieces, including my self-made embellishments :

I figured it might be quite good for someone just starting out in cardmaking and I've made a couple of example cards to show what can be done:

Just simple, but sometimes that's all you need.

I'm likely to be otherwise engaged for a few days - I'm going to an 18th birthday party tomorrow - eek! I'll probably be one of the oldest there! And on Saturday a 1st birthday party at which hopefully I won't be the oldest!

See you soon!


Allison said...

you're making me feel hungry
Love the black and white cards

Sarpreet said...

So gorgeous